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SINAPSE experts from around Scotland have developed ten online modules designed to explain medical imaging. They are freely available and are intended for non-specialists.

Edinburgh Imaging Academy at the University of Edinburgh offers the following online programmes through a virtual learning environment:

Neuroimaging for Research MSc/Dip/Cert

Imaging MSc/Dip/Cert

PET-MR Principles & Applications Cert

Applied Medical Image Analysis Cert

Online Short Courses

PECRE award recipients

July 2017 - Four SINAPSE members awarded funding for international research exchanges

Congratulations to the SINAPSE early career researchers selected to receive PECRE funding for international research exchanges in the latest round of applications:



Georgia Alexandrou

Georgia Alexandrou completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Cyprus and later gained her master’s degree in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Stirling. She started her PhD studentship at the University of Stirling in January 2017 under the supervision of Prof David Donaldson and is funded by SINAPSE and sportscotland.

Her research aims to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying expertise by employing mobile electroencephalography (EEG) to record brain activity from the scalp in real world sporting environments. Georgia will visit the University of Rome "Foro Italico" (Italy) to explore and broaden her knowledge in the area of movement-related cortical potentials. During her exchange visit to the lab of Prof Francesco Di Russo, an expert in EEG-motor control studies, she will refine the study design for her PhD project and work on pilot data analysis.


Alexandra Andriu

Alexandra Andriu studied Pharmacy at the ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest (Romania), then undertook a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen. While in Aberdeen, she developed an interest in Drug Development which she pursued in her work as a Regulatory Affairs Associate within Bristol-Myers Squibb between 2012 and 2014. In 2014 she returned to the University of Aberdeen to pursue her PhD under the supervision of Dr Ian Fleming and Professor Matteo Zanda.

Her PhD project is focused on the development of a novel molecule targeted against Alpha V Beta 3 integrin (αvβ3), as a PET radiotracer to study tumour angiogenesis. For her PECRE exchange visit, Alexandra will learn how to establish glioblastoma tumour xenografts and how to perform PET imaging using αvβ3-targeted radiotracers in small animals at the Centre for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging located in the life sciences and high tech incubator Biopark Charleroi Brussels South (Belgium).



Laura Carey

Laura Carey is a Performance Psychologist at the sportscotland institute of sport and is currently completing a PhD, exploring gaze behaviours and EEG in elite golfers, at the University of Stirling. Her research and applied work is focused on piloting and implementing methodologies that represent high performance sport environments to help develop evidence based practice and to help inform theoretical developments and future methodological opportunities.

During her PECRE exchange visit at the University of Rome "Foro Italico" (Italy) with Prof Francesco Di Russo, Laura plans to explore specific methodology and expertise within the area of movement-related cortical potentials, in particular linking this to real world sporting performance with the aim to improve athletic performance.


Wendy McDougald

Wendy McDougald is a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Dr Adriana Tavares, in the field of preclinical PET/CT imaging. Before this, she got her BSc and MS in Physics in Seattle, Washington, USA and her MScR in Biomedical Life Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. She is also a certified clinical PET and PET/CT engineer.

Wendy will be commencing her PECRE exchange visit in the Imaging Research Laboratory at the University of Washington (USA), where she will acquire microPET/CT images using a Siemens Inveon scanner for protocol testing, evaluation and comparison. Parallel with assessing image quality and data quantification, she will measure the absorbed radiation dose a small laboratory animal would receive for evaluation and comparison between different microCT protocols.