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Society for Magnetic Resonance Angiography 30th Annual International Conference Aug 29, 2018 - Aug 31, 2018 — University of Glasgow
British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience Meeting 2018 Sep 06, 2018 - Sep 07, 2018 — University of Glasgow
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Dr Gordon Waiter

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Position: Senior Lecturer


I am currently a senior lecturer in the Division of Applied Medicine at the University of Aberdeen and I am also an honorary Clinical Scientist in the NHS Grampian Department of Radiology. I am employed to provide physics support to the neuroimaging research program of the University of Aberdeen, and via SINAPSE, to the wider neuroimaging community in Scotland, to develop and assess imaging techniques and to carry out collaborative research on patient and normal control groups with academic and clinical colleagues, particularly collaborating with the Departments of Psychology, Mental Health, Public Health and Child Health. My main research interest has been in the developing and aging brain (particularly autism and Alzheimer’s disease). I am particularly interested in functional and structural correlations particularly with reference to changes in white matter during development/aging. I use a number of imaging and data analysis techniques, such as fMRI, optimised voxel based morphometry, diffusion tensor imaging with tractography, kurtosis imaging as well as T2 relaxography imaging to investigate mylination.

Institute: University of Aberdeen

Department: Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, Division of Applied Medicine, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Keywords: Ageing

Research Themes

fMRI, The developing and ageing brain, Structural image processing and analysis

Key Publications
  • Waiter GD, Deary IJ, Starr JM, Fox HC, Murray AD, Staff R, Whalley LJ. Exploring possible neural mechanisms of intelligence differences using processing speed and working memory tasks: an fMRI study. Intelligence, 2009:37;199-206
  • Waiter GD, Fox HC, Murray AD, Starr JM, Staff R, Staff R, Bournes V, Whalley LJ, Deary IJ. Is retaining the youthful functional anatomy underlying speed of information processing a signature of successful cognitive ageing?: an event-related fMRI study of inspection time performance. NeuroImage, 2008:41;581-595.
  • Waiter GD, Williams JHG, Murray AD, Gilchrist A, Perrett DI, Whiten A. Structural white matter deficits in high-functioning individuals with autistic spectrum disorder: a voxel based investigation. NeuroImage, 2005:24;455-461
  • Waiter GD, Williams JHG, Murray AM, Gilchrist A, Perrett DI, Whiten, A. A voxel based investigation of brain structure in high-functioning individuals with autistic spectrum disorder. NeuroImage, 2004;22:619-625


Dr. Barry Condon, NHS Glasgow Scotland

Prof. Anthony Jones, University of Manchester United Kingdom

Prof. I Deary, University of Edinburgh Scotland

Prof D. Perrett, University of St Andrews Scotland

Software Expertise
Software Description Level Modality Source Platform Version Website
Matlab Matrix based math and programing Good Commercial Cross-platform any Go
JMRUI Good -
mricron image visualisation. Good MRI Freeware Cross-platform -
FSL registration and segmentation Novice MRI Freeware Linux -
SPM VBM and fMRI Expert Any Freeware Cross-platform all since SPM99 Go