SINAPSE experts from around Scotland have developed ten online modules designed to explain medical imaging. They are freely available and are intended for non-specialists. **Unfortunately these do not currently work in browsers**

Edinburgh Imaging Academy at the University of Edinburgh offers the following online programmes through a virtual learning environment:

Neuroimaging for Research MSc/Dip/Cert

Imaging MSc/Dip/Cert

PET-MR Principles & Applications Cert

Applied Medical Image Analysis Cert

Online Short Courses

Precision Medicine PhD studentships in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Imaging-related research projects available in MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme

The MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme supports research training at the interfaces between biological, clinical, societal and computational systems, providing PhD research training alongside taught courses over four years of study.

The programme includes the following imaging-related research projects offered for 2021 entry:


University of Edinburgh

Use of artificial intelligence for community-based detection of glaucoma

Lead supervisor: Prof Baljean Dhillon

Developing Artificial Intelligence approaches to predicting progressive myopia and risk of myopic complications based on optometry data

Lead supervisor: Dr Tom MacGillivray

Targeted ultrasonic contrast enhancement for accurate staging of rectal cancer

Lead supervisor: Prof Carmel Moran

Novel computational modelling for personalised treatment of osteoarthritis

Lead supervisor: Prof Pankaj Pankaj [ICASE project with industrial partner 3D Metal Printing Ltd]


University of Glasgow

Developing tailored interventions for stroke rehabilitation: improving motor function by targeting brain connectivity with fMRI neurofeedback

Lead supervisor: Dr Cassandra Sampaio Baptista

Genetics, lifestyle and brain ageing in large-scale cohorts

Lead supervisor: Dr Donald Lyall


For more information on the studentships, please visit: https://www.ed.ac.uk/usher/precision-medicine/project-opportunities

Application deadline: 7th January 2021