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Dr Astrid Schloerscheidt

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Position: Lecturer


I am interested in individual differences in memory processing, in particular in how far certain personality traits can explain such differences. The personality trait I am particularly interested in is extraversion as this trait has been linked to the functioning of the dopamine system. This relationship allows me to treat measures of extraversion as a proxy measure of dopamine availability and thus make an attempt to link differences in the efficiency of the dopamine system to potential differences in memory processing. I study this question using EEG/ERP using already established ERP measures to investigate whether levels of extraversion (and thus dopamine availability) affect processes underlying memory encoding and retrieval. The use of EEG/ERP is particularly useful as it will show differences in neuronal processing even in the absence of behavioural differences (i.e. differences in memory performance).

Institute: University of Dundee

Department: School of Psychology

Research Themes

Electrophysiological correlates of memory encoding and retrieval, Individual differences in memory processing, Cognitive Ageing

Key Publications
  • Rugg, M.D., Mark, R.E., Walla, P., Schloerscheidt, A.M., Birch, C.S. & Allan K.A. (1998). Dissociation of the neural correlates of implicit and explicit memory. Nature, 39, 595-598
  • Schloerscheidt, A.M. & Rugg, M.D. (2004) The impact of change in stimulus format on the electrophysiological indices of recognition Neuropsychologia, 42, 451-466
  • Rugg, M.D., Schloerscheidt, A.M. & Mark, R.E. (1998). An electrophysiological comparison of two indices of recollection. Journal of Memory and Language, 39, 47-69


Prof. Fergus Craik, Rotman Research Institute, Toronto International

Dr. Douglas Potter, University of Dundee Scotland