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SINAPSE experts from around Scotland have developed ten online modules designed to explain medical imaging. They are freely available and are intended for non-specialists.

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Dr Cyril Pernet

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Position: Senior Academic Fellow, Edinburgh Imaging Scientific contact


Dr Pernet is a senior academic fellow, teaching MRI/fMRI/EEG and researching on methods (statistics) for clinical applications (brain tumours, stroke). He is also the Edinburgh Imaging scientific contact for functional MRI studies, and support data management and open science activities.


Dr Pernet, obtained a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Toulouse III in France in 2004. He was then working with Prof. JF Demonet and Dr P Celsis on neurodevelopmental disorders using MRI, functional MRI and EEG. He next obtained a post-doc fellowship from the Fyssen Foundation to work in Finland with Prof. R. Salmelin on reading using MEG. He moved to UK in 2006, working in Glasgow with Prof. B. Belin as post-doc research assistant, working on auditory (voice) processing using fMRI and EEG. He joined the Brain Research Imaging Center, Edinburgh in 2007, as fMRI lead for SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network A Platform for Scientific Excellence). 

Institute: University of Edinburgh

Department: Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences & Edinburgh Imaging

Research Themes

MRI/fMRI/EEG, statistical analyses, bioinformatics, neuro-oncology

Key Publications
    • EEG-BIDS, an extension to the brain imaging data structure for electroencephalography Scientific Data, vol. 6, 1
    • Can We Standardize Clinical Functional Neuroimaging Procedures? Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 8
    • Improved methods for making inferences about multiple skipped correlations Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.
    • Logical and methodological issues affecting genetic studies of humans reported in top neuroscience journals Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.
    • Evaluation of a pre-surgical functional MRI workflow: From data acquisition to reporting International journal of medical informatics. 86, p. 37-42 6 p.
    • Single subject fMRI test-retest reliability metrics and confounding factors. NeuroImage. 69, p. 231-43 13 p.
    • Misconceptions in the use of the General Linear Model applied to functional MRI: a tutorial for junior neuro-imagers Frontiers in Neuroscience. 8, p. 1
    • LIMO EEG: a toolbox for hierarchical LInear Modeling of EletroEncephaloGraphic data. Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 831409


    Jean Baptiste Poline (Montreal) International

    Pedro ValDes Soza (Cuba/China) International

    Arnaud Delorme (San Diego) International

    Rand Wilcox (San Diego) International

    Guillaume Rousselet (Glasgow) Scotland

    Software Expertise
    Software Description Level Modality Source Platform Version Website
    SPM VBM and fMRI Exper Any Freeware Cross-platform all since SPM99 Go
    Matlab Matrix based math and programing Expert Commercial Cross-platform any Go
    EEGlab Eeg analysis Basic EEG Freeware Cross-platform any Go
    LIMO EEG analysis plug-in for EEGLab Author EEG In-house Cross-platform 1 Go
    Caret fMRI visualization Good fMRI Freeware Cross-platform any Go