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Dr Grant Mair

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Position: Senior Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Neuroradiology


My primary research interest is the imaging of ischaemic stroke.

Since 2012, I have been working on subgroup analyses of imaging from the Third International Stroke Trial (IST-3), a large randomised-controlled trial of intravenous alteplase versus control.

In particular, I am investigating whether imaging evidence of arterial obstruction (e.g. hyperdense artery sign as a surrogate marker or flow deficits on CT/MR angiography) and the results from advanced CT/MR perfusion techniques should influence our decision to treat patients with intravenous thrombolytic drugs.  This is especially important in an era where ischaemic stroke treatment is changing with new evidence supporting the use of direct clot retrieval.

I am also developing interests in the use of computational systems for the automated analysis of CT imaging in stroke and natural language processing algorithms for identifying and classifying stroke patients from within very large radiology report datasets.

Institute: University of Edinburgh

Department: Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Brain Research Imaging Centre

Key Publications

Mair G, von Kummer R, Morris Z, von Heijne A, Bradey N, Cala L, et. al. Impact of alteplase on the CT hyperdense artery sign and outcome after ischemic stroke.  Neurology 2015;In Press

Mair G, von Kummer R, Adami A, White PM, Adams ME, Yan B, et. al.  Observer reliability of CT angiography in the assessment of acute ischaemic stroke: data from the Third International Stroke Trial.  Neuroradiology. 2015;57:1-9.

Mair, G., Boyd, E., Chappell, F., von Kummer, R., Lindley, R., Sandercock, P., Wardlaw, J. & IST-3 Collaborative Group.  Sensitivity and specificity of the Hyperdense Artery Sign for arterial obstruction in acute ischemic stroke.  Stroke. 2015;46:102-107

Mair, G. & Wardlaw, J. Imaging of acute stroke prior to treatment: current practice and evolving techniques.  British Journal of Radiology. 2014;87:20140216

Wardlaw, J., Carpenter, T., Sakka, E., Mair, G., Cohen, G., Shuler, K., Palmer, J. & Sandercock, P.  Imaging perfusion deficits, arterial patency and thrombolysis safety and efficacy in acute ischaemic stroke. An observational study of the effect of advanced imaging methods in The Third International Stroke Trial (IST-3), a randomised controlled trial.  Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation. 2014;1:1-116

Mair, G., Wardlaw, J., von Kummer, R. & Sandercock P. Response to thrombolysis treatment in ischemic stroke patients with and without arterial occlusion on computed tomographic angiography: the Third International Stroke Trial.  Stroke. 2014;45, Suppl 1, Abst.A6

Wintermark M, Albers GW, Broderick JP, Demchuk AM, Fiebach JB, Fiehler J, et. al.  Acute Stroke Imaging Research Roadmap II.  Stroke.  2013;44:2628-2639


Prof Joanna Wardlaw

Prof Peter Sandercock

Dr Will Whiteley