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Dr Sue Champion

Position: Honorary


I am a Radiochemist with experience in both SPECT and PET chemistry. Before I came to Glasgow, I worked for many years as both a radiochemist and a synthetic chemist in the radiopharmaceutical industry. My interests are using radiotracers to look at changes in biological chemistry in disease. As such, I’m interested in the development of novel radiotracers, which is a multi-disciplinary process bringing together chemistry, radiochemistry and biology, and the translation of such new tracers from a pre-clinical phase into the clinic. I’m also interested in the clinical applications of new and existing radiotracers, in which I collaborate with colleagues in Clinical Physics and Psychological Medicine. Beyond the development and use of tracers, I’m interested in the development of radiolabelling and purification methods

Institute: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Department: Clinical Physics & Bioengineering

Research Themes

Radiochemistry for SPECT and PET, Development of novel radiotracers, Clinical applications of radiotracers

Key Publications
  • Radiosynthesis and evaluation of novel histamine H3 tracers S Champion, D Lewis, D Dewar, G Honey, J Gross, A Robichaud, A Welch, D Wyper J Labelled Comp Radiopharm 2009 52(S1) S381
  • Characterisation of Novel Histamine H3 receptor tracers for SPECT. David Y Lewis, Sue Champion, Deborah Dewar, Garry Honey, Jonathan Gross, Albert J Robichaud, Andrew Welch, David Wyper, Sally Pimlott Molecular Imaging and Biology 2010 12, S122
  • Synthesis of the positron-emitting radiotracer [18F]-2-fluoro-2-deoxy-Dglucose from resin-bound perfluoroalkylsulfonates Lynda J. Brown, Nianchun Ma, Denis R. Bouvet, Sue Champion, Alex M. Gibson, Yulai Hu, Alex Jackson, Imtiaz Khan, Nicolas Millot, Amy C. Topley, Harry Wadsworth, Duncan Wynn and Richard C. D. Brown Org. Biomol. Chem. 2009 7 564–575
  • Radiosynthesis of 123I-labelled benzimidazoles as novel SPECT tracers for the Histamine H3 receptor. Sue Champion, Jonathan Gross, Albert Robichaud, Sally Pimlott J Labelled Comp Radiopharm 2011 54 674-677
  • Biodistribution and dosimetry of 123I-mZIENT: a novel lignad for imaging serotonin transporters. Alice Nicol, Rajeev Krishnadas, Sue Champion, Gilles Tamagnan, Jeffrey S Stehouwer, Mark M Goodman, Donald M Hadley, Sally Pimlott  Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging  2012 39 786-791
  • Inhibition of PARP-1 enhances the toxicity of [131I] MIBG/topotecan combination therapy to cells and xenografts which express the noradrenaline transporter. Anthony G. McCluskey, Robert J. Mairs, Mathias Tesson, Sally L. Pimlott, John W. Babich, Mark N. Gaze, Sue Champion, and Marie Boyd J Nucl Med 2012 531146–1154
  • Gamma Irradiation and Targeted Radionuclides Enhance the Expression of the Noradrenaline Transporter Transgene Controlled by the Radio-Inducible p21WAF1/CIP1 Promoter. Anthony G. McCluskey, Robert J. Mairs, Annette Sorensen, Tracy Robson, Helen O. McCarthy, Sally L. Pimlott, John W. Babich, Sue Champion and Marie Boyd Radiation Research 2013 179 282-92
  • Nickel-Mediated Radioiodination of Aryl and Heteroaryl Bromides: Rapid Synthesis of Tracers for SPECT Imaging. A. A. Cant, S. Champion, R. Bhalla, S. L. Pimlott, A. Sutherland ACIEE 2013 52 7829-7832
  •  Deoxyfluorination with CuF2: Enabled by using a Lewis Base Activating Group. D. Eilidh Sood, Sue Champion, Daniel M. Dawson, Sonia Chabbra, Bela E. Bode, Andrew Sutherland, Allan J. B. Watson ACIEE 2020 59 8460-8463


Gilles Tamagnan, IND, New Haven, CT International

Mark Goodman, Emory University, Atlanta, GA International

Jeff Stehouwer, Emory University, Atlanta, GA International

Rajeev Krishnadas, Glasgow Scotland

Alan Spivey, Imperial College London United Kingdom

Alice Nicol, GGC NHS, Glasgow Scotland

Andy Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland

Tony McCluskey, Strathclyde University, Scotland