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Professor Vin Cunningham

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Position: 6th Century Chair in Imaging


PET Tracer Kinetic Modelling

Institute: University of Aberdeen

Department: School of Medical Sciences

Keywords: Kinetic Modelling

Research Themes

PET Tracer Kinetic Modelling

Key Publications
  • NeuroImageVolume 50, Issue 3, 15 April 2010, Pages 984-993 Simplified quantification of 5-HT2A receptors in the human brain with [11C]MDL 100,907 PET and non-invasive kinetic analyses Philipp T. Meyera, Zubin Bhagwagarb, Philip J. Cowenc, Vincent J. Cunningham, Paul M. Grasbye and Rainer Hinzf
  • The direct calculation of parametric images from dynamic PET data using maximum-likelihood iterative reconstruction; Julian Matthews, Dale Bailey, Pat Price,Vin Cunningham; Physics in Medicine and Biology Volume 42 Number 6 Create an alert RSS this journal 1997 Phys. Med. Biol. 42 1155 doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/42/6/012
  • Prediction of repeat-dose occupancy from single-dose data: characterisation of the relationship between plasma pharmacokinetics and brain target occupancy; Sergio Abanades, Jasper van der Aart, Julien AR Barletta, Carmine Marzano, Graham E Searle, Cristian A Salinas, Javaad J Ahmad, Richard R Reiley, Sabina Pampols-Maso1, Stefano Zamuner3, Vincent J Cunningham, Eugenii A Rabiner Marc A Laruelle and Roger N Gunn; Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (2011) 31, 944–952; doi:10.1038/jcbfm.2010.175;
  • Cerebral decreases in opioid receptor binding in patients with central neuropathic pain measured by [11C] diprenorphine binding and PET; AKP Jones, H Watabe, VJ Cunningham, Terry Jones; European Journal of Pain, 2004 - Elsevier