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Enantiospecific syntheses of pseudopterosin aglycones. Part 1. Synthesis of the putative aglycone of pseudopterosin G-J via an A -> AB -> ABC annulation strategy

Author(s): R. Chow, P. J. Kocienski, A. Kuhl, J. Y. LeBrazidec, K. Muir, P. Fish

The putative aglycone of pseudopterosin G-J and its enantiomer were synthesised enantio specifically from 2,3-dimethoxytoluene and eta (3)-allyl cationic complexes of molybdenum and iron respectively. The A --> AB --> ABC annulation strategy entailed the use of allyl cations or their equivalents for the creation of the three benzylic stereogenic centres. The X-ray structure of tetrahydro naphthalene (-)-41a was determined.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 1472-7781
Publication Year: 2001
Periodical: Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 1
Periodical Number: 19
Pages: 2344-2355
Author Address: