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mer-Tris(1H-benzotriazole-kappa N)(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato-kappa(3) N,O,O ') nickel(II)

Author(s): P. Ramadevi, S. Kumaresan, K. W. Muir

The title complex, [Ni(C7H3NO4)(C6H5N3)(3)], has been prepared hydrothermally. Three neutral monodentate benzotriazole ligands occupy meridional sites about the octahedrally coordinated nickel(II) cation. The remaining sites are occupied by the N and two O atoms of a tridentate pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate dianion.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 1600-5368
Publication Year: 2005
Periodical: Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online
Periodical Number:
Volume: 61
Pages: M1749-M1751
Author Address: