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Sodium 1-carboxycyclopropane-1-carboxylate cyclopropane-1,1-di-carboxylic acid monohydrate

Author(s): K. W. Muir, A. MacDonald

In the title type B-2 acid salt, Na(LH)(LH2) . H2O [LH2 = C2H4C(CO2H)(2)] or Na+ . C5H5O4-.C5H6O4 . H2O, the vertices of a distorted octahedron centred on each Na+ cation are defined by six O atoms, one from a water molecule, one from an internally hydrogen-bonded LH- anion and four from three neutral LH2 acid molecules. Chains of edge-sharing O-6 octahedra are stabilized by hydrogen bonds, which interconnect the donor H2O and LH2 molecules and LH. anions. In particular, the LH2 molecule donates H atoms to LH. and H2O and forgoes the internal hydrogen bond which stabilizes the free acid and all of its characterized salts.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 0108-2701
Publication Year: 2004
Periodical: Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications
Periodical Number:
Volume: 60
Pages: M645-M647
Author Address: