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Unexpected formation of the novel mixed mu-oxo, mu-sulfido, bis(mu-thiolato) compound [Mo(IV)(2)(Cp-2(mu-O)(mu-S)(mu-SMe)(2)]

Author(s): P. Schollhammer, F. Y. Petillon, J. Talarmin, K. W. Muir

A novel example of C-S bond cleavage in a dimolybdenum derivative leads to the formation of the quadruply bridged compound [Mo(IV)(2)Cp-2(mu -O)(mu -S)(mu -SMe)(2)]. This mu -oxo species is formed by reaction of the chloro-bridged complex [Mo(III)(2)Cp-2(mu -Cl)(mu -SMe)(3)] with PhCCLi and subsequent hydration at the dimolybdenum site. The Mo-Mo bond length of 2.4900(3) Angstrom in [Mo2Cp2(mu -O)(mu -S)(mu -SMe)(2)] is unusually short. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 0022-328X
Publication Year: 2001
Periodical: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
Periodical Number: 1
Volume: 627
Pages: 67-70
Author Address: