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Stereotype-based modulation of person perception

Author(s): S. Quadflieg, N. Flannigan, G. D. Waiter, B. Rossion, G. S. Wig, D. J. Turk, C. N. Macrae

A core social-psychological question is how cultural stereotypes shape our encounters with other people. While there is considerable evidence to suggest that unexpected targets-such as female airline pilots and male nurses-impact the inferential and memorial aspects of person construal, it has yet to be established if early perceptual operations are similarly sensitive to the stereotype-related status of individuals. To explore this issue, the current investigation measured neural activity while participants made social (i.e., sex categorization) and non-social (i.e., dot detection) judgments about men and women portrayed in expected and unexpected occupations. When participants categorized the stimuli according to sex, stereotype-inconsistent targets elicited increased activity in cortical areas associated with person perception and conflict resolution. Comparable effects did not emerge during a non-social judgment task. These findings begin to elucidate how and when stereotypic beliefs modulate the formation of person percepts in the brain.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 1095-9572 (Electronic) 1053-8119 (Linking)
Publication Year: 2011
Periodical: Neuroimage
Periodical Number: 2
Volume: 57
Pages: 549-57
Author Address: School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, AB24 3FX, Scotland, UK. susanne.quadflieg@uclouvain.be