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Secondary Flow in Peripheral Vascular Prosthetic Grafts Using Vector Doppler Imaging

Author(s): E. Kokkalis, P. R. Hoskins, G. A. Corner, P. A. Stonebridge, A. J. Doull, J. G. Houston

Prosthetic grafts are used for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. Re-stenosis in the distal anastomosis of these grafts is a common reason for graft occlusion. The role of local hemodynamics in development of neo-intimal hyperplasia is well known. A new graft design has been proposed for the induction of optimized spiral flow in the host vessel. The secondary flow motions induced by this graft were compared with those of a control device. Both types of grafts were connected with vessel mimic and positioned in ultrasound flow phantoms with identical geometry. Constant flow rates were applied. Data collected in the cross-sectional view distal from the graft outflow and dual-beam vector Doppler was applied to create 2-D velocity maps. A single-spiral flow pattern was found for the flow-modified graft, and double or triple spirals for the control graft. In-plane maximum velocity was greater for the flow-modified graft than for the control device. (E-mail: E. (C) 2013 World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology.

Full version: Available here

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ISBN: 0301-5629
Publication Year: 2013
Periodical: Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
Periodical Number: 12
Volume: 39
Pages: 2295-2307
Author Address: Kokkalis, E Univ Dundee, Inst Med Sci & Technol, Wilson House,1 Wurzburg Loan, Dundee DD2 1FD, Scotland Univ Dundee, Inst Med Sci & Technol, Dundee DD2 1FD, Scotland Univ Dundee, Ninewells Hosp & Med Sch, Dundee DD2 1FD, Scotland Univ Edinburgh, Ctr Cardiovasc Sci, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Univ Dundee, Ninewells Hosp & Med Sch, Dundee DD1 9SY, Scotland Univ Dundee, Sch Comp, Dundee DD2 1FD, Scotland