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Professor Douglas Steele

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Position: Clinical Professor, Honorary NHS Consultant


Psychiatry, neurology, brain imaging: http://dslink333.dyndns.org/



    Institute: University of Dundee, NHS Tayside

    Department: School of Medicine (Neuroscience)

    Research Themes

    iMachine learning for individual patient predictions – diagnostic and prognostic.  Initial work focused on proof of concept studies using research data, now focused on application to routinely acquired NHS data, with a particular emphasis on fully integrating the techniques into routine clinical practice.  Recent success in obtaining MRC Programme Grant funding.

    ii) Mechanisms research, which include computational modelling of behaviour and brain function (model-based fMRI, forward translation), neurosurgical studies on therapeutic interventions for brain disorders and back translation from functional brain imaging studies on patients to animals for drug discovery.

    Techniques: structured psychiatric clinical assessment, neuropsychological testing, reinforcement learning and neuroeconomics paradigms, Matlab programming, fMRI, GABA spectroscopy, computational modelling of brain and behaviour, diffusion tensor imaging, machine learning, PET and EEG source reconstruction.

    Key Publications

    Up to date list

    Selected Publications:


    Steele, J.D., Paulus, M. (2019) “Pragmatic Neuroscience for Clinical Psychiatry”, British Journal of Psychiatry 215(1), 404-408


    Geugies, H., Mocking, R., Figueroa, C., Groot, P., Marsman, J., Servaas, M., Steele, J.D., Schene, A., Rhue, H (2019) “‘Impaired Reward-Related Learning Signals in Remitted Unmedicated Patients with Recurrent Depression” Brain (in press)


    Queirazza, F., Fouragnan, E., Steele, J.D., Cavanagh, J., Philiastides, M. (2019) “Neural correlates of weighted reward prediction error during reinforcement learning classify response to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in depression” Science Advances (in press)


    Tolomeo, S., Christmas, D., Jentzsch, I., Johnston, B., Sprenglemeyer, R., Matthews, K., Steele, J.D. (2016) “A Causal Role for the Anterior Mid-Cingulate Cortex in Negative Affect and Cognitive Control”  Brain 139(6) 1844-1854


    Johnston, B.A.., Tolomeo, S, Gradin, V., Christmas, D., Matthews, K., Steele J.D. (2015) “Failure of Hippocampal Deactivation during Loss Events in Treatment-Resistant Depression” Brain 138(9) 2766-76


    Gradin V., Baldacchino A., Balfour D., Matthews K, Steele J.D. (2014) “Abnormal Brain Activity during a Reward and Loss Task in Opiate Dependent Patients receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy” Neuropsychopharmacology 39(4):885-94


    Mwangi, B., Ebmeier K.P., Matthews, K.M., Steele, J.D. (2012) "Multicentre Diagnostic Classification of Individual Structural Neuroimaging Scans from Patients with Major Depressive Disorder", Brain 135(1) 1508-21


    Perrin, J., Merz, S., Bennett, D.., Currie, J., Steele J.D., Reid I., Schwarzbauer C. (2012) "Electroconvulsive Therapy Reduces Frontal Connectivity in Severe Depression", Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109(14) 5464-8


    Gradin, V., Kumar, P., Waiter, G., Ahearn, T., Stickle, C., Milders, M., Reid, I., Hall, J., Steele, J.D. (2011) "Expected Value and Prediction Error Abnormalities in Depression and Schizophrenia", Brain 134(6) 1751-1764


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    Steele J.D., Christmas D., Eljamel M.S., Matthews K. (2008) “Anterior cingulotomy for major depression: Clinical outcome and relationship to lesion characteristics” Biological Psychiatry, 63(7), 670-677


    Steele J.D., Kumar P., Ebmeier, K.P. (2007) “Blunted response to feedback information in depressive illness”, Brain, 130 (9), 2367-74


    Ebmeier K., Donaghey C., Steele J.D. (2006) “Recent Developments and Current Controversies in Depression”, Lancet, 367, 153-167


    Steele J.D., Meyer M., Ebmeier K.P. (2004) “Neural Predictive Error Signal Correlates with Depressive Illness Severity in a Game Paradigm” NeuroImage, 23, 269-280


    Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Aberdeen, UCL and NHS



    Software Expertise

    Machine learning, Matlab programming, SPM analyses, Computational modelling of behaviour and brain function