SINAPSE is a consortium of seven Scottish universities; Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Stirling, and Strathclyde, with partners in the NHS and industry.

SINAPSE has built a Scotland wide, cross-disciplinary imaging network of scientists and clinicians whose shared goal is the development of both novel imaging methodologies and the next generation of scientists to exploit them, with the aim of addressing global Health and Wellbeing challenges. SINAPSE has created a collaborative research environment in which world-class expertise and facilities are used to put Scottish Imaging Research on the world stage.

Our areas of expertise include

  • MRI and advanced techniques
  • PET and SPECT molecular imaging; especially radiochemistry
  • EEG and fMRI (cognitive neuroimaging)
  • Image analysis, including deep learning in medical imaging
  • Imaging trials
  • Partnership working

We are now in the 3rd phase of SINAPSE funding, wholly supported by the university partners working with the NHS and industry. Our focus is on development of our PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) while continuing to provide a platform for developing and sharing excellence in imaging.

The first phase of funding for SINAPSE (2007-2014) included a Graduate School between the Universities with support for 24 PhD studentships, a number eventually increased to 45 through subsequent successful funding bids, particularly the SPIRIT programme. Also supported were the appointment of SINAPSE Chairs in imaging related disciplines and post-doctoral research fellows. Network administration was led from the University of Edinburgh.

  • A database of publications from the first phase of SINAPSE can be viewed here.
  • A final report for the first phase of SINAPSE can be viewed here.

The second phase of funding for SINAPSE (2015-2022), established with funding from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the Chief Scientist Office (CSO), and the partner Universities, carried forward the focus on researchknowledge exchange, and education in medical imaging. Whereas activities in the first phase of SINAPSE were largely restricted to the original six partner Universities because of the structure of the network at the time, SINAPSE membership is now open to all imaging researchers around Scotland. Network administration is led from the University of Glasgow.

  • Annual report summaries of SINAPSE activities and achievements can be viewed for: 201520162017201820192020


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