SINAPSE Image of the Month: December 2023

‘A window into the heart of Artificial Intelligence’ was submitted by BHF-funded researcher Prof Michelle Williams, of the University of Edinburgh and BHF Data Science Centre. This bright neon representation …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: May 2022

The University of Aberdeen are piloting the world’s only human sized field-cycling MRI scanner in patients with brain tumours. Unlike clinical MRI which operates at a fixed static field strength …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Novel PET tracer for imaging cardiovascular inflammation

Courtesy of Dr Mark MacAskill and Dr Adriana Tavares, these PET images show detection of regional cardiac inflammation within heart 7 days after myocardial infarction (MI) using a new radiotracer, 18F-LW223, …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: FeMRI for iliac vessel imaging

Courtesy of Dr Sokratis Stoumpos, this image shows coronal views of the iliac vessels (and surrounding abdominal and pelvic anatomy) in patients with chronic kidney disease imaged with three techniques: …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Neural marker of proactive movement control in mobile EEG

Courtesy of Magda Mustile and Dr Magdalena Ietswaart, this image shows data from mobile EEG recorded during real‐world ambulatory obstacle avoidance, with study participants walking along a path while stepping over expected …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: OCTA retinal image segmentation

Courtesy of Ylenia Giarratano, Dr Tom MacGillivray and Dr Miguel Bernabeu, this image shows an original optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) image of the retina (left panel) acquired with the RTVue-XR Avanti …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: PET detection of prostate cancer tumour heterogeneity

Courtesy of Dr Gaurav Malviya, Prof Hing Leung and Dr David Lewis, this image shows longitudinal 18F-Fluciclovine PET/MRI imaging on the same mouse, either as a model of clinical androgen-dependent …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Fast field-cycling MRI in stroke

Courtesy of Dr Mary Joan MacLeod, Dr Lionel Broche and Prof David Lurie, this image compares brain images acquired with CT (top row) and with fast field-cycling imaging (bottom row) …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: MR-PET differentiation of cardiac amyloid subtypes

Courtesy of Dr Jack Andrews and Prof Marc Dweck, this image shows late gadolinium-enhanced (LGE) cardiac MR images [top row] and corresponding fused 18F-fluoride cardiac MR-PET images [bottom row] comparing …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Prognostic ultrasound features of breast cancer

Courtesy of Prof Andy Evans, these images illustrate ultrasound features of invasive breast cancer which have been shown through retrospective analysis to have prognostic significance for breast cancer specific survival. …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: DCE-MRI quantification of blood-brain barrier leakage

Courtesy of Dr Michael Thrippleton, this image shows brain MRI from a patient with cerebral small vessel disease (cSVD), mapping the permeability–surface area product (PS) as measured with dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Ferumoxytol MRA

Courtesy of Prof Giles Roditi, Dr Pauline Hall Barrientos and Dr Sokratis Stoumpos, this image shows dynamic time-resolved magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) in a coronal section of the arm for which …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Combined channels in parallel transmit MRI

Courtesy of Dr Sydney Williams, Dr Sarah Allwood-Spiers, Dr Paul McElhinney, Dr Yuehui Tao, Dr John Foster, Prof David Porter, and Dr Shajan Gunamony, this image presents a visual explanation …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: MRI hippocampal subfield volumes

Courtesy of Naif Majrashi and Dr Gordon Waiter, this image shows seasonal changes in hippocampal subfield volume measurements from brain MRI in a sample of more than 10,000 participants in …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: COVID-19 CT perfusion findings

Courtesy of Department of Radiology, Haaglanden Medical Centre (The Hague, the Netherlands), this image shows chest CT findings from a patient in the early phase of COVID-19, in selected slices …more

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