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Professor Lesley Anderson

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Position: Chair in Health Data Science & Co-Director of the Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science


Professor Lesley Anderson is Academic Lead for the Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Digital Diagnostics (iCAIRD) for Grampian. She is leading artificial intelligence evaluations at the University of Aberdeen. 


Prof Anderson joined the Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science at the University of Aberdeen in March 2020. She trained at Queen's University Belfast (QUB) graduating with a PhD in cancer epidemiology in 2004 and an undergraduate degree (first class Honours) in Biomedical Science in 2001. She has a Masters in Population Health-based Evidence obtained by distance learning from the University of Manchester (distinction level) in 2006. Professor Anderson joined QUB as an academic in 2010 after completing two highly respected fellowships: an Academic Fellowship (funded by the UK Medical Research Council) and a Cancer Prevention Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Maryland, United States of America. Professor Anderson then joined the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) in 2017 as Deputy Director overseeing the production of Official Statistics for Northern Ireland and developing the NICR Research Advisory Group.


Institute: Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Department: School of Medicine, Medical Science and Nutrition

Research Themes

* Cancer prevention

* Cancer diagnosis

* Cancer prognosis

* Health Data Science

* Artificial Intelligence Evaluations

* Multi-centre research studies

* Cancer Registration 

Key Publications

Published peer-reviewed articles (n=112 - 10/03/2022). 


  1. Supporting someone with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed methods analysis of cancer carer’s health, Quality of Life and need for support. Santin O, McMullan J, Jenkins C, Anderson LA, McShane CM. Health & Social Care in the Community Dec 2021. (In press).
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Professor Lesley Anderson has over 20 years experience in research utilising healthcare data from the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA and Europe. She has established international partnerships within the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia to facilitate research in the fields of health data science and public health with a focus on cancer research. Global Health Research Partnerships with researchers in Angola, Mongolia and Vietnam are seeking to identify ways to improve public knowledge and reduce the burden of cancer. 

Software Expertise