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Dr David Alexander Dickie

Home page: Go to homepage
Position: Stroke Association Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Structural brain ageing

White matter disease

Cognitive ageing


Image Analysis

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

Institute: Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

Department: SINAPSE: http://www.sinapse.ac.uk/

Key Publications

Lewis, G., Dickie D.A., et al. (In revision). Widespread Associations between Trait Conscientiousness and Regional Cortical Thickness. Neuroimage.

Ritchie, S.J.*/ Dickie, D.A.*, et al. (In revision). Brain structural differences between 73- and 92-year olds matched for social background, childhood intelligence and intracranial volume. Neurobiology of Aging.

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Ian Deary and team at the Centre for Cognitive Ageing, Edinburgh.

Sherif Karama, Alan Evans at the Montreal Neurological Institute.