Upcoming Events

TOPIM ("hot TOPics in IMaging") 2018: Imaging Metabolism Jan 21, 2018 - Jan 26, 2018 — L'Ecole de Physique des Houches, France
SINAPSE Molecular Imaging PET/SPECT focus group meeting Feb 05, 2018 10:30 AM - 04:00 PM — Carnegie Lecture Theatre (C3-05), Joseph Black Building, School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
'Let's Talk About Health' free public lecture Feb 21, 2018 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM — Wellcome Auditorium, Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh
British Cardiovascular Imaging 2018 May 02, 2018 - May 04, 2018 — John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis Conference 2018 Jul 09, 2018 - Jul 11, 2018 — University of Southampton, England




SINAPSE YouTube Channel

SINAPSE has a YouTube channel for sharing videos about Scottish imaging research produced by its members, thus far for specific projects:


IOP International Year of Light video competition

Two entries from SINAPSE were submitted in the International Year of Light video competition held in 2015 by the Institute of Physics (IOP) in Scotland, each explaining how light is used in imaging research:

Dr James Cameron (Edinburgh) - 'The Eye as a Window to the Brain'
Tim Morgan (Glasgow) - 'Helping to Study What's Going Wrong in Multiple Sclerosis'


PhD research project 3-minute videos

SINAPSE PhD students rose to the challenge of explaining their imaging research using lay language in just 3 minutes:

Georgia Alexandrou (Stirling) - Using mobile EEG to investigate sports performance
Ellen Backhouse (Edinburgh) - Early life risk factors for stroke
Marta Guarisco (Glasgow) - Developing an automated method to assess collateral flow in patients with stroke
Simon Ladouce (Stirling) - Presentation of the mobile cognition project
Maria Clara Liuzzi (Glasgow) - Target approach of brain tumours
Ben Newman (St Andrews) - Investigating recollection in semantic memory
Tim Morgan (Glasgow) - A brief introduction to organic chemistry [Tim's entry for the IOP video competition, above, was about his PhD research project - so here he tackled another topic that is challenging to explain in 3 minutes!]



2016 SINAPSE Annual Scientific Meeting at University of Stirling: 360 degree video [Click and drag in the video player to pan around each scene]


Lectures and Seminars

Prof David Lurie (Aberdeen) - MRI scanning: A magnetic window to the body [Cafe Scientifique public lecture, October 2017]


Dr Tom MacGillivray (Edinburgh) - Eye Spy: Advances in Neuroimaging the Eye [InnovationBiotechnology public lecture, April 2016]


Brain Imaging and its Impact on Society

2010 series of three seminars held in partnership with the Scottish Universities Insight Institute

    Part 1: Advances in Neuroimaging and the implications for society

      Part 2: What is the legal view?

      Part 3: Influencing Policy


      Ethics in Research Imaging Management

      2010 meeting at the Wellcome Trust to discuss and highlight the magnitude and potential implications of incidental findings detected during research imaging (resultant report published by SINAPSE and the Royal College of Radiologists can be found here)


      Videos from SINAPSE partner Universities

      University of Aberdeen

      18-min documentary on the pioneering contributions of physicists and technical staff in the University of Aberdeen Medical Physics department who designed and built the world’s first clinically-used whole-body MRI scanner

      Short video on the Fast Field-Cycling (FFC) MRI technology being developed at the University of Aberdeen


      University of Edinburgh

      • Edinburgh Imaging Opening Symposium: 30 June 2017

      Lectures are available to view from a day-long scientific symposium celebrating the opening of new Edinburgh Imaging facilities:

      Visit the Edinburgh Imaging YouTube channel here


      University of Glasgow


      Royal Society of Edinburgh Quiz-A-Whiz

      This YouTube series invites school pupils to submit questions to speakers, academics, and professionals in an ‘Ask the Expert’ style project. The following episodes have featured SINAPSE members: