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Dr Antoine Vallatos

Position: Research Associate in Preclinical and Clinical Brain Imaging


MRI Perfusion and Permeability techniques (e.g. ASL), Flow and diffusion MRI (phase-shift velocimetry, diffusion, fractional anisotropy, diffusional kurtosis), MR studies of molecular displacements (propagator analysis), Preclinical MRI, MRI Metrology.

Institute: Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Department: Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Research Themes
  • Brain perfusion
  • Blood-brain barrier permeability
  • Brain tumour invasion
  • Small vessel disease
  • Reaction-diffusion-advection systems, chemistry-flow coupling, chemical pattern formation
  • Complex flow (vortex, porous media)
Key Publications
  • Quantitative histopathologic assessment of perfusion MRI as a marker of glioblastoma cell infiltration in and beyond the peritumoral edema region” A. Vallatos, H. F. I. Al-Mubarak, J.Birch, L. Gallagher, L. Gilmour, W. M. Holmes  and A. Chalmers. J. Magn. Res. Imaging. 2018
  • “A novel small molecule inhibitor of MRCK prevents radiation-driven invasion in glioblastoma” J. L. Birch, K. Strathdee, L. Gilmour, A. Vallatos, L. McDonald, A. Kouzeli, R. Vasan, A. H. Qaisi, D. R. Croft, D. Crighton, K. Gill, C. H. Gray, J. Konczal, M. Mezna, D. McArthur, A. W. Schüttelkopf, P. McConnell, M. Sime, W. M. Holmes, J. Bower, H. J. McKinnon, M. Drysdale, M. F. Olson, A. J. Chalmers, Cancer Research 2018
  • “Accuracy of phase-contrast velocimetry in systems with skewed intravoxel velocity distributions” A.Vallatos, H. F. I. Al-Mubarak, J. Mullin and W. M. Holmes, J. Magn. Res. 2018
  • “Multiple boli Arterial Spin Labelling for high signal-to-noise rodent brain imaging”A. Vallatos, L. Gallagher, L. Gilmour, A. Chalmers & W. M. Holmes. Magn. Res. Med. 2017
  • “Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock” M. N. Shukla, A. Vallatos*, V. W. Phoenix and W. M. Holmes, J. Magn. Res. 2016
  • “Probing composition and mol­­­ecular mobility in thin spherical films using NMR measurements of diffusion” A. Vallatos, R. Kirsh, R. A. Williams, R. B. Hammond, X. D. Jia, , U. Brockel, and M. M. Britton, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2015
  • “Chemical patterns in translating vortices: inter- and intra-cellular mixing effects”A. Vallatos, R. D. Evans, B. W. Thompson, A. F. Taylor, and M. M. Britton, Chaos. 2013
  • “Characterisation of stationary and translating vortex flow using magnetic resonance” A. Vallatos, M. C. T. Wilson, A. F. Taylor, and M. M. Britton, EuroPhys Lett. 2012

Software Expertise
  • Programming: MATLAB, C++
  • NMR/MRI software: Paravision, XwinNMR, Topspin