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2nd SINAPSE Image Analysis meeting Jun 20, 2019 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM — Lecture Theatre 2, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee
2019 SINAPSE ASM Jun 21, 2019 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM — Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee
2nd International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning Jul 08, 2019 - Jul 10, 2019 — ICL South Kensington Campus, London
4th International Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications Jul 22, 2019 - Jul 23, 2019 — Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques (CMIT), University of Liverpool, England
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis Conference 2019 Jul 24, 2019 - Jul 26, 2019 — University of Liverpool, England

Dr Antoine Vallatos

Position: Research Associate in Preclinical and Clinical Brain Imaging


MRI Perfusion and Permeability techniques (e.g. ASL), Flow and diffusion MRI (phase-shift velocimetry, diffusion, fractional anisotropy, diffusional kurtosis), MR studies of molecular displacements (propagator analysis), Preclinical MRI.

Institute: Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Department: Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Research Themes
  • Brain tumour invasion
  • Small vessel disease
  • Brain perfusion
  • Reaction-diffusion-advection systems, chemistry-flow coupling, chemical pattern formation
  • Complex flow (vortex, prorous media)
Key Publications
  • “Multiple boli Arterial Spin Labelling for high signal-to-noise rodent brain imaging”A. Vallatos, L. Gallagher, L. Gilmour, A. Chalmers & W. M. Holmes. Magn. Res. Med. 2017
  • “Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock” M. N. Shukla, A. Vallatos*, V. W. Phoenix and W. M. Holmes, J. Magn. Res. 2016
  • “Probing composition and mol­­­ecular mobility in thin spherical films using NMR measurements of diffusion” A. Vallatos, R. Kirsh, R. A. Williams, R. B. Hammond, X. D. Jia, , U. Brockel, and M. M. Britton, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2015
  • “Chemical patterns in translating vortices: inter- and intra-cellular mixing effects”A. Vallatos, R. D. Evans, B. W. Thompson, A. F. Taylor, and M. M. Britton, Chaos. 2013
  • “Characterisation of stationary and translating vortex flow using magnetic resonance” A. Vallatos, M. C. T. Wilson, A. F. Taylor, and M. M. Britton, EuroPhys Lett. 2012

Software Expertise
  • Programming: MATLAB, C++
  • NMR/MRI software: Paravision, XwinNMR, Topspin