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Miss Anu Chandra

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Position: PhD student


Anu Chandra hold an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Calicut, India (2010).  After graduating, She worked as an assistant lecturer, teaching Biomaterials in Model Engineering College, under Cochin University, India. She completed her masters in MSc Biomedical Engineering from University of Dundee in the year 2012. She got an opportunity to work with Prof. Sandy Cochran on the project “Sonotweezers”, testing and characterising the crossed electrode arrays for ultrasonic particle manipulation, during her masters.

Anu completed her Masters by research, 2015 under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Christine Demore and Dr. Graeme McLeod. The funding for the research study was provided by the Regional Anaesthesia – UK (RA-UK). The research focussed on using micro-ultrasound to investigate the possibility for nerve damage caused by inappropriate positioning of the anaesthetic needles during ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia.

Currently She is doing her final year of PhD under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Christine Demore, Dr. Graeme McLeod, Prof. george Corner and Prof. Zhihong Huang. The research study is funded by the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) [2015-2018]. The research study mainly focuses on improving the visualisation techniques of region of interest and the surrounding structures for regional anaesthesia and epidurals,  which  can then increase the efficacy of the procedure performed.

Institute: University of Dundee

Department: Division of Imaging Technology

Research Themes

Applications of Micro-ultrasound, Ultrasound guided peripheral regional anaesthesia, Epidural anaesthesia.

Key Publications

Chandra A, Felts P, Eisma R, Corner G Munirama S, Demore C and McLeod G, " The feasibility of microultrasound as a tool to image peripheral nerves", Anaesthesia, 2017; 72:2; 190-196

Chandra A, Demore C, Corner G, Munirama S, and McLeod G, " Ultrasound Imaging of the epidural space at different depths in a porcine model", in Abstracts of the Anaesthetic Research Society Meeting Nov 10-11, 2016", British Journal of Anaesthesia

X. Liao, G.Corner, Z. Huang, A.Chandra, G.McLeod, “Differentiation between epidural tissues using a novel piezoelectric sensing Tuohy needle”, British Journal of Anaesthesia, 116(6): e939, June 2016


Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Hariott-Watt University

Sunnybrook Research Sciences Centre, Toronto


Software Expertise

Matlab, PZFlex (basics), ImageJ, Dicom, Word, powerpoint