The EASTBIO (East of Scotland BioScience) Doctoral Training Partnership, funded by the BBSRC, offers an excellent programme of collaborative training for PhD students within the Biosciences.  The programme includes the following imaging-related research projects based at the University of Aberdeen:

‘Bioscience for Health’ research theme

FDG PET/CT imaging to investigate gut microbiota and aging in cancer (Supervisors: Dr Gabriella Baio, Dr Georgina Hold, Dr Roger Staff)

Data-driven biomarker discovery: harnessing cognitive and physical health phenotyping from longitudinal health data to understand the mechanisms of healthy ageing (Supervisors: Dr Janice Drew, Dr Elaina Collie-Duguid, Professor Corri Black, Professor Alison Murray)

Determining the Fitness of Fat: Using FFC-MRI Imaging as a Novel Non-Invasive Method to Detect Changes in Adipose Tissue Health (Supervisors: Dr Justin Rochford, Dr Lionel Broche, Professor David Lurie)

Investigating the role of trace elements in brain ageing (Supervisors: Dr Gordon Waiter, Dr Chris McNeil, Dr Alan Sneddon)

Electrophysiological assessment of visual processing after brain injury (Supervisors: Professor Arash Sahraie, Dr Søren K. Andersen, Dr Mary-Joan MacLeod)

‘World-Class Bioscience’ research theme

Investigating functional brain networks and psychological states in real-time (Supervisors: Dr Kevin Allan, Professor Bjoern Schelter)

Mapping Attentional dynamics across multiple human visual brain areas (Supervisors: Dr Søren K. Andersen, Justin Ales [University of St Andrews])

Endocytic Trafficking as a Novel Regulator of Inflammation (Supervisors: Dr James Hislop, Dr Heather Wilson, Professor Matteo Zanda)

Effects of aging on neural mechanisms that constrain colour appearance in complex spatial patterns (Supervisors: Dr Jasna Martinovic, Professor Louise Phillips, Dr Ines Jentzsch [University of St Andrews])

Visual perception and healthy ageing (Supervisors: Dr Karin Pilz, Dr Thomas Otto [University of St Andrews])

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Application deadline: 5th December 2016