Congratulations to Professor Iris Grunwald and the University of Dundee on this exciting new collaboration.

NeuroLogica Corp is partnering with The University of Dundee in Scotland, to collaborate on research using the OmniTom® Elite with Photon Counting Detector (PCD) computed tomography (CT) imaging technology.  SINAPSE Executive member Professor Iris Grunwald was key in the formulation of the partnership between NeuroLogica and the University. Professor Grunwald leads the Tayside Innovation MedTech Ecosystem (TIME) Neuro team, who will analyze differences in patients’ tissue characteristics as well as enhance image quality and resolution of current imaging practices.

Photon counting is a next-generation CT technology that sorts the different energies of X-rays after they have passed through the scan field. The multiple sets of CT data are acquired at the same time with configurable energy thresholds, providing potentially more accurate visualization and segmentation of bone, blood clots, plaque, hemorrhage and intracranial tumors. There is also potential with PCD to lower the dose requirements, and fundamentally change the use of injected contrast.

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