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University of Strathclyde.
Dawn Wasley


The aim of this workshop is to gather specialists on Numerical Methods, High Performance Computing, Inverse Problems, Microwave Imaging.
Microwave Tomography is a novel, early stage development way of imaging with a number of potentially attractive medical applications. In particular, Microwave imaging (MI) of the human head (used especially in the detection of strokes) has attracted a significant research interest in the latest years mainly oriented on the design of antenna elements and arrays, imaging using ultra-wide band radar techniques, and real-time monitoring. The accurate reconstruction of the properties of the head tissues (which allow the differentiation between ill and healthy ones) relies heavily on precise mathematical and numerical modeling (involving inverse problems, high order approximation methods and fast solution techniques of large scale problems) of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and the human body in high frequency regime.
The three challenges addressed by these applications are:
  • Methodological and numerical development robust inversion tools, associated with the numerical solution of the electromagnetic forward problem.
  • Development of general parallel open source simulation codes, based on the high-level integrated development environments, using the state-of-art high order methods and solution techniques for modeling the scattering of arbitrary electromagnetic waves in highly heterogeneous media, over a wide frequency range in the microwave domain.
  • Design of antenna elements and arrays and simulations using anatomical phantoms
This workshop will bring together Applied Mathematicians, Computational Scientists and Engineers, specialists in different aspects of wave propagation phenomena.