Event start:
21 Oct 2022 09:00
Event end:
21 Oct 2022 17:00
KCL, London
Technical members of staff with experience of radiotracer dispensing

UK PET Chemistry Workshop on Radiotracer Dispensing:

‘the good, the bad and the ugly’

Dear Colleagues

Technicians, technical and vocational PET chemistry staff are indispensable for the efficient operation and innovation of PET practice within the UK PET chemistry mileu.

Before the pandemic, the UK PET Chemistry board made plans to organise an ongoing series of ‘technician’ workshops with the aim to encourage inter-institutional networking, sharing of experience and topics of interest from a ‘grass roots’ perspective.

To this end we are hosting the first informal UK PET Chemistry technical workshop at King’s College London on Fri 21st October 2022 on the subject of ‘Radiotracer Dispensing and Dispensers’.

Any institution engaged in this important area is invited to propose a technical member of staff to join this informal workshop to discuss their experience about radiotracer dispensing – the good, the bad and the ugly.

In sharing these experiences between institutions, it is hoped that it will identify alternative solutions, highlight common challenges and best practices that might be shared across the UK PET Chemistry community. Importantly, it will also identify opportunities that could be addressed by this group, or by others within the UK PET Chemistry network (academics, industrialists etc) in the future.

The informal one day ‘in-person’ workshop is expected to host 10 – 20 technical/vocational members from around the UK and will be timed to allow people to travel from their own location and back again in the same day. Unfortunately no funding is available for travel or expenses, however the event itself will be free of charge. Each institution will give a brief presentation on their experiences – with common themes and threads highlighted for further group discussions facilitated by the KCL hosts.

If you are interested in attending/proposing a member from your institution, please email antony.gee@kcl.ac.uk before 15th September 2022.

Further details for the programme will be circulated closer to the date.

We are also looking for suggestions and hosts for future workshops. This will also be discussed at the October workshop – however if you would like to propose other technical workshop topics or host a future workshop please email antony.gee@kcl.ac.uk

Tony Gee      26th August 2022

On behalf of the UK PET Chemistry