SINAPSE Image of the Month: SINAPSE Wedding

Courtesy of Dr Ourania Varsou and Dr Filip Zmuda (and photographer Prof Dave Wyper), this month’s image was captured at their wedding on 3rd July at the House for an …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: R2* MRI brain map

Courtesy of Vasiliki Mallikourti, this image shows an R2* map of the brain where every voxel in the image has an R2* value. R2* is the decay rate of the …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Liver T1 mapping

Courtesy of Dr Jonathan Fallowfield, this image shows LiverMultiscan MRI axial T1 relaxation maps of liver in the same patient before [left] and 4 weeks after [right] treatment of portal hypertension with non-selective …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Micro-ultrasound detection of tissue abnormalities

Courtesy of Prof Inke Näthke and Prof Sandy Cochran, this image shows precancerous changes in intestinal tissue detected by microultrasound scanning. Altered properties of precancerous tissue not identified by conventional …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Semantic Cognition Meta-Analysis Activation Likelihood Maps

Courtesy of Dr Paul Hoffman and Dr Alexa Morcom, this image shows activation likelihood maps generated by comparing contrasts of interest from young and older adults in a meta-analysis of …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Automatic segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities

Courtesy of Dr Jianguo Zhang, this image shows the result of a winning algorithm submitted to the White Matter Hyperintensities (WMH) Segmentation Grand Challenge held at MICCAI 2017. At left is …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: TSPO PET Radiotracer

Courtesy of Dr Adriana Tavares, this image shows PET signal measured in heart using a new radiotracer for imaging cardiovascular inflammation. Targeting the 18 kDa translocator protein (TSPO), this is …more

SINAPSE Image of the Month: Kidney DTI

Courtesy of Dr Sarah Allwood-Spiers and Dr Keith Gillis, this image was generated from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of the kidney in a patient 6 months after kidney transplant. As …more

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