J. Geddes, C. Mackay, S. Lloyd, A. Simpson, D. Power, D. Russell, M. Jirotka, M. Katzarova, M. Rossor, N. Fox, J. Fletcher, D. Hill, K. McLeish, Y. Chen, J. V. Hajnal, S. Lawrie, D. Job, A. McIntosh, J. Wardlaw, P. Sandercock, J. Palmer, D. Perry, R. Procter, J. Ure, M. Hartswood, R. Slack, A. Voss, K. Ho, P. Bath, W. Clarke, G. Watson



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Challenges and Opportunities of Healthgrids

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336-347 407

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Ure, J Univ Edinburgh, Sch Informat, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, Midlothian, Scotland Univ Oxford, Dept Psychiat, Oxford OX1 2JD, England

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The paper draws on a number of Grid projects, particularly on the experience of NeuroGrid a UK project in the Neurosciences tasked with developing a Grid-based collaborative research environment to support the sharing of digital images and patient data across multiple distributed sites. It outlines recurrent socio-technical issues, highlighting the challenges of scaling up technological networks in advance of the regulatory networks which normally regulate their use in practice.