J. L. Powell, G. J. Kemp, N. Roberts, M. Garcia-Finana


1090-2155 (Electronic) 0093-934X (Linking)

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Brain Lang

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Magnetic Resonance and Image Analysis Research Centre (MARIARC), University of Liverpool, UK.

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We investigated the effect of handedness and sex on: (i) sulcal contours defining PO and PTR and (ii) volume estimates of PO and PTR subfields in 40 left- and 42 right-handers. Results show an effect of handedness on discontinuity of the inferior frontal sulcus (IFS: P<0.01). Discontinuity of IFS was observed in: 43% left- and 62% right hemispheres in right-handers and in 65% left- and 48% right-hemispheres in left-handers. PO volume asymmetry was rightward in left-handed males (P=0.007) and females (P=0.02), showed a leftward trend in right-handed males (P=0.06), and was non-asymmetrical in right-handed females (P=0.96, i.e. left- and right-hemisphere PO volumes did not differ significantly). PO volume asymmetry in males differed significantly between handedness groups (P=0.001). Findings indicate a high degree of variability in the sulcal contours of PO and PTR and volume asymmetry of PO: the factors sex and handedness can explain some of this variability.