The Dr Hugh S. P. Binnie PhD Scholarships for Research into Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease provides opportunities for outstanding scientists and clinicians to undertake a PhD in dementias research within the world-leading UK Dementia Research Institute at Edinburgh.

This scholarship scheme is offering two PhD scholarships to start in Autumn 2021, and a further two to start in Autumn 2022.  Each year, one of each pair of scholarships will be allocated to a non-clinical student; the other will be clinically qualified.

The scheme is not offering prescribed “off the shelf” PhD projects. Instead, the successful applicants will work with UK DRI academics after an offer has been made, to devise a bespoke research project that aligns with the strategy of the UK DRI and the scholars’ scientific vision. Among the potential PhD supervisors at Edinburgh are several with a focus on imaging research.

For more information on the studentships, please visit:

Application deadline: 31st March 2021