The Edinburgh Imaging Opening Symposium was held on 30 June 2017 at the BioQuarter campus, celebrating a recent £14 million makeover to the Edinburgh Imaging facilities due to the generous funding given by many institutes, charities and organisations. Further details on the event can be found here.

Superb invited speakers as well as fantastic local speakers covered a wide research range, including molecular imaging, cardiovascular imaging, neuroimaging and retinal imaging. Recordings of the lectures are available to view, below.

Morning Session

  • Welcome from Prof Joanna Wardlaw and Prof Edwin van Beek


Metabolic Imaging

  • Keynote speaker: Prof Chris Boesch (Zurich)
  • PET imaging to measure hot fat in a cool man – Dr Roland Stimson
  • Multiparametric MRI of the liver – Dr Jonathan Fallowfield



Pre-lunch Session

Cardiovascular Imaging

  • Keynote speaker: Prof Zahi Fayad (New York)
  • The vulnerable plaque – Prof Dave Newby


  • Edinburgh Imaging facilities and access – Prof Joanna Wardlaw and Prof Edwin van Beek



Afternoon Session

Neurological Disease

  • Keynote speaker: Prof Steve Williams (London)
  • Brain and Behaviour – Dr Heather Sibley


  • Edinburgh Imaging Academy’s online courses – Prof Andrew Farrall



Late-afternoon Session

Translational Highlights

  • From living brain to synapses – Dr Tara Spires-Jones
  • Retinal Imaging – Dr Tom MacGillivray
  • MRI for evaluating the pregnant mother – Dr Fiona Denison
  • Optical imaging with molecular probes – Prof Kevin Dhaliwal


  • Closing remarks from Prof Jonathan Seckl