A new clinical academic training programme to Train and Retain Academic Cancer Clinicians (TRACC) aims to attract the best undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees and enable them to contribute to top class basic, translational and clinical research.

The TRACC Programme has been initiated this year as the Cancer Research UK Glasgow and Edinburgh Centres’ joint clinical academic training programme in cancer. Led by experienced academic clinicians with strong support from basic scientists and a dedicated Programme Operations Team, TRACC provides 3 CRTF-PhD positions (clinical research training fellowships) and 4 MB-PhD positions annually, with an expectation that half of the positions will be based in Edinburgh and half in Glasow (with very close cross-city collaboration).


The TRACC CRTF-PhD programme enables clinicians who have already completed their medical degree to develop an academic career and obtain a PhD degree.

  • Applications are welcomed from trainees in all specialties and from all regions of the UK, who hold a medical degree and aspire to PhD training that is relevant to cancer.

Information on Edinburgh arm of the scheme: https://www.ed.ac.uk/cancer-centre/graduate-research-and-training/tracc-programme-for-clinicians/tracc-programme-crtf-phd

Information on Glasgow arm of the scheme: http://www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/TRACC/tracc-programme-crtf-phd.html


The TRACC MB-PhD programme enables 3rd-year MB-ChB students to enter a 3-year PhD training at the end of their intercalated year before re-integration into the MB-ChB course.

  • Available to students who are currently undertaking an intercalated medical degree (MB-ChB) at the University of Edinburgh or the University of Glasgow.

Information on Edinbugh arm of the scheme: https://www.ed.ac.uk/cancer-centre/graduate-research-and-training/tracc-programme-for-clinicians/tracc-programme-mb-phd

  • (Application deadline for 2020 entry at Edinburgh: 2 March 2020)

Information on Glasgow arm of the scheme: http://www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/TRACC/tracc-programme-mb-phd.html

  • (Application deadline for 2020 entry at Glasgow: 1 March 2020)