The Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) aims to deliver high quality, collaborative research and training for PhD students within the Biosciences.  The programme includes imaging-related research projects based at the University of Glasgow which can be viewed here:

‘Basic Bioscience Underpinning Health’ research theme

Brain oscillations as biomarkers in spinal cord injury and pain states (Supervisors: Dr John Riddell and Dr Christoph Kayser)

‘World Class Underpinning Bioscience’ research theme

Development of a novel MRI based metabolic Imaging method (Supervisors: Dr William Holmes and Dr Rosario Lopez Gonzalez)

Development of laminar fMRI and investigation of plasticity of cortical networks after nerve injury (Supervisors: Dr Jozien Goense, Dr John Riddell, and Prof Andrew Hart)

Safety and feasibility outlook for Ultrasound and microbubble mediated targeted gene delivery to treat pregnancy related hypertensive disorder (Supervisors: Dr Helen Mulvana, Dr Delyth Graham, and Dr Christian Delles)

Top-down Amplification of Predicted Visual Input behind a Frosted Occluder (Supervisors: Prof Lars Muckli and Prof Edwin Robertson)

Using EEG Brain-Computer Interaction to Improve Performance (Supervisors: Dr Martin Lages and Dr Marios Philiastides)

For more information on the studentships, please visit:

Application deadline: 21st November 2016