The EASTBIO (East of Scotland BioScience) Doctoral Training Partnership, funded by the BBSRC, offers an excellent programme of collaborative training for PhD students within the Biosciences.  The programme includes the following imaging-related research projects based at the University of St Andrews:

Tackling the functional role of multisensory interactions in behavioural benefits: A combined EEG and computational modelling approach (Supervisors: Justin Ales, Thomas Otto)

How do we maintain a stable focus of attention? (Supervisors: Dr Daniela Balslev, Dr Amelia Hunt [University of Aberdeen])

Neurophysiological markers of memory error monitoring across the lifespan (Supervisors: Dr Akira O’Connor, Dr Ines Jentzsch)

Water based 18F isotope incorporation for PET labelling of cancer relevant peptides (Supervisors: Professor David O’Hagan, Professor Matteo Zanda [University of Aberdeen])

For more information on the studentships, please visit:

Application deadline: 5th December 2016