Only approximately 15% of people diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour survive more than 5 years ( To improve this low figure, biomedical ultrasound imaging is beginning to be used by some neurosurgeons for intraoperative guidance, including gross differentiation of healthy and diseased tissue. However, this work is presently based on ultrasound imaging systems adapted only very simply from standard tools, for example, by modifying their shape and size to reduce the physical impact of use in the brain.

In partnership with Stryker, a multinational medical technology company with a specialism in neurotechnology, this project will look at advanced ultrasound techniques to differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue. This will allow more complete surgical removal of cancerous tissue whilst sparing as much healthy tissue as possible, maximizing post-operative brain function. It will also contribute to optimization of ultrasound imaging probe design for neurosurgery.

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The deadline for application is 30 June 2017