Funding from Scottish Enterprise’s High Growth Spinout Programme has been awarded to support the commercialisation of retinal imaging research carried out through the VAMPIRE (Vascular Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina) project run by SINAPSE members from the University of Dundee and the University of Edinburgh.

The long-running VAMPIRE collaboration, jointly led by Prof Emanuele Trucco (Dundee) and Dr Tom MacGillivray (Edinburgh), has produced a suite of image analysis software for quantification of retinal vascular parameters that can be used to investigate cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health. A new Multiple Disease Screening from Retinal Imaging project – supported by a recent cross-pool initiative around optical imaging involving SINAPSE, SULSA, and SUPA – received £176,000 from Scottish Enterprise for developing the first commercial product from the VAMPIRE research programme.


Further details from the University of Dundee can be found here.

Further details from the University of Edinburgh can be found here.