The 9th SINAPSE Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 16 June 2017 at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. The programme featured stimulating presentations on the latest developments in clinical and experimental imaging, including invited talks by local experts in ultra high field MRI and PET-MRI, and opportunities to network with fellow imaging researchers from across Scotland.

Salim Al-Wasity Dr Mark MacAskill

The first session of the day comprised proffered talks representing the four research themes on which parallel sessions were run in the afternoon. For Psychology and psychiatry, Salim Al-Wasity from University of Glasgow [above left] presented Enhancing motor reaction time using real-time functional MRI neurofeedback of supplementary motor area. For Molecular imaging, Dr Mark MacAskill from University of Edinburgh [above right] presented The search for a novel, TSPO targeted, radiotracer for PET imaging of inflammation. For Methodology and image analysis, Sai Man Cheung from University of Aberdeen [below left] presented Assessing lactate concentration in breast cancer using a novel magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) method. And for Clinical applications, Conor MacDonald from University of Dundee [below right] presented MRI as a tool for pre and post-operative assessment of arterio-venous fistulae.

Sai Man Cheung Conor MacDonald

The prizes for Best Proffered Talk were awarded to the following presenters from each parallel session theme:

  • Psychology and psychiatry: Clarisse de Vries, University of Aberdeen (Klotho’s effects on cognition and brain in early life)
  • Clinical applications: Dr Yulu Shi, University of Edinburgh (Increased cerebrovascular resistance in cerebral small vessel disease)
  • Methodology and image analysis: Anu Chandra, University of Dundee (Real-Time Microultrasound Visualisation of the Nerve Trauma during Regional Anaesthesia Caused by the Anaesthetic Needles)
  • Molecular imaging: Tim Morgan, University of Glasgow (New Selective PET Imaging Agents for S1P5 Receptors)

The ASM programme also featured a wide array of proffered poster presentations, previewed in 2-minute ‘lightning talks’ during the themed parallel sessions. In the poster session that followed, delegates indicated their favourite poster through a public voting system. The Best Poster prize went to Ross Bannon from University of St Andrews (Using cross sectional CT imaging to 3D print a negative space model of the pterygopalatine fossa).

Prof Arno Villringer Presentation to Prof Dave Wyper

Our keynote speaker was Prof Arno Villringer from the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig [above left], who gave a thoughtful as well as thought-provoking presentation which skilfully bridged previously disparate lines of research across brain ageing, stroke, dementia, and risk factor development. Rounding out the plenary sessions were invited talks from SINAPSE members Dr Jozien Goense, on 7T MRI research of the type now being started at University of Glasgow, and Dr Marc Dweck, on PET-MRI research of the type now underway at University of Edinburgh.

The final session of the day was followed by a surprise presentation thanking Prof Dave Wyper [above right] for serving as Director of SINAPSE for the last 7 years.

The meeting was supported with generous sponsorship provided by:

  • Premium Sponsor: Siemens Healthineers
  • Partners: NHS Research Scotland and DD Analytics Cubed Ltd.
  • Exhibitors: Bartec, Bayer, Bracco, Imaging Equipment Ltd., and NRS Mental Health Network

A report on the meeting prepared by the SINAPSE Ultrasound topic group can be read here: The Sound of SINAPSE ASM (log-in required for Member Area access)