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The 13th SINAPSE ASM was held over two days for the first time, 16th and 17th of September. Once again we held an online event using the Hopin platform. The agenda, abstracts, and keynote speaker biographies are available in the 2021 ASM Programme.

The event opened with Plenary Session 1 and introductions from Dr Jennifer Macfarlane, SINAPSE Director, and Dr William McGeown, of the University of Strathclyde, where we’d anticipated holding the event. Our first Keynote presentation followed, with a talk from Prof Michael Ewers (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich) on “Connectome based spreading of pathology and factors of resilience in Alzheimer’s disease”. Our first round of poster Lightning Pitches took us to the lunch break.

After lunch were three parallel sessions – Parallel 1: Neuroimaging, chaired by Dr Magdalena Ietswaart (University of Stirling); Parallel 2: Breast Cancer, chaired by Dr Sarah Savaridas (NHS Tayside); and Parallel 3: Ultrasound and Miscellaneous Topics chaired by Dr Rosalind Mitchell-Hay (NHS Grampian).

Everyone was back together after tea for the Plenary Session 2, chaired by Dr Richard Mosses, the SINAPSE Operations Manager, with two keynote talks. The first from Dr Anna Barnes (King’s College London) described how “The development of Imaging Biomarkers is a multi-disciplinary process”. Our third keynote was from Dr Bruno Scaglioni (University of Leeds) which introduced us to “Imaging in robotic endoscopy, from autonomous navigation to diagnosis”. This was followed by a chance to catch up with old acquaintances or meet new ones through the Virtual Social Event.

Friday morning began with Plenary Session 3, with a talk by Dr Kristin Flegal (University of Glasgow) about “Developing advanced imaging as a tool for precision medicine in The Living Laboratory”. Jennifer thanked Kristin for all the work she’d done for SINAPSE in her tenure as Lead Scientist. Kristin then introduced our first ECR Rising Star talk from Dr Lucy Hiscox (University of Bath) on “Magnetic resonance elastography of the brain and its application in dementia research”. The session concluded with the second round of poster Lighting Pitches.

After the break we had another parallel session – Parallel 4: Neuroimaging Methods, chaired by Prof Adam Waldman (University of Edinburgh); Parallel 5: Preclinical and Optical Imaging, chaired by Dr Gordon Waiter (University of Aberdeen); and Parallel 6:Vascular Imaging, chaired by Dr Michelle Williams (University of Edinburgh).

Our final session, Plenary 4, was opened by our fourth Keynote address from Dr Jonathan Leipsic (University of British Columbia) on “CCTA for planning coronary intervention – lessons from TAVR”. Dr Jennifer Macfarlane returned to announce the prize winners and to close the event for this year.

After the main event delegate were able to attend a webinar run by the SCCT, and workshop run by NVIDIA.


Prize Winners:

Posters – 1st Wenhui Zhang (P2) and 2nd Sydney Williams (P9)

Poster Lightning Pitch – Katherine McLellan (P25)

Best Presentations: Neuroimaging – Sara Scarfo, Breast Cancer – Valentine Mberu, Ultrasound & Misc – Zuzana Pinkosova, Neuroimaging Methods – Ruaridh Clark, Preclinical & Optical Imaging – Alaa Alghanimy, Vascular Imaging – Peter Mortensen


Recordings of each session will be available from the links above and below soon, for members who have logged in:

Plenary 1 – Introductions, Keynote 1, and Poster Lightning Pitches

Parallel 1 – Neuroimaging

Parallel 2 – Breast Cancer

Parallel 3 – Ultrasound and Miscellaneous Talks

Plenary 2 – Keynote 2 and Keynote 3

Plenary 3 – Dr Kristin Flegal, ECR Rising Star, Lightning Pitches

Parallel 4 – Neuroimaging Methods

Parallel 5 – Preclinical & Optical Imaging

Parallel 6 – Vascular Imaging

Plenary 4 – Keynote 4 and Prize Giving