An independent and motivated Research Fellow is sought to be part of an interdisciplinary team studying cell therapy for human liver repair. Current limitations in liver cell therapy development include the safe delivery of cells to the site of liver disease, protection of the delivered cells from the host immune systems, and successful cell engraftment and subsequent function at the injury site. The job role will be to develop and perform cell tracking techniques using state-of-the-art pre-clinical imaging modalities and use such techniques to demonstrate improved efficacy/function using immunomodulatory approaches. The applicant will be expected to have published first author papers in the field. Candidates are expected to have experience with using in vivo cell transplantation, cell transfection, molecular biology, and ideally experience in using clinical/pre-clinical imaging modalities, e.g. PET/MRI.

The post is part of a multidisciplinary UK Regenerative Medicine Platform project (funded by the BBSRC, EPSRC and MRC) to utilise in silico (Sarah Waters, Oxford University), in-vitro (Alicia El-Haj, University of Birmingham) and in vivo (Stuart Forbes, University of Edinburgh) approaches to address translational bottlenecks with regards to the safety and efficacy of cell-based regenerative medicines.

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Closing date: 13 February 2020