An opportunity is available to work with Professor Margaret Lucas, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Feeney, on the incorporation of shape memory alloys and metamaterials in ultrasonic surgical devices. This will align with current research on an EPSRC-funded Programme Grant “Surgery enabled by Ultrasonics”, and also support Prof Lucas’ wider research activities in ultrasonic devices and ultrasonic transducer innovations, being achieved through understanding, controlling and tailoring device vibrational responses.

The aim of this research post is to overcome specific challenges in establishing ultrasonic technology at the forefront of minimal access interventional surgery. The research will examine the physical characteristics of shape memory alloys (SMAs), an underused class of materials in ultrasonic devices, to show how their transformational properties can be exploited to control the vibrational behaviour of ultrasonic surgical devices. The research will also focus on how metamaterials can deliver enhanced vibrational responses in ultrasonic devices, as an enabler for device miniaturisation.

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Closing date: 12th April 2021