Two Research Associate positions are available to make a leading contribution to an ERC-funded project “Dynamic network reconstruction of human perceptual and reward learning via multimodal data fusion”, working with Prof Marios Philiastides.

Theoretically, the work aims to develop a unified framework for integrating perceptual and reward learning and understand the extent to which they share a common computational and neurobiological basis.

One vacancy has a strong brain imaging focus and requires the acquisition and analysis of simultaneous EEG-fMRI and eye-tracking data and the implementation of advanced data analytics for multimodal data fusion and neural characterization. For further information see

One vacancy has a strong theoretical neuroscience focus and requires the development of computational models to uncover and predict patterns in large multimodal datasets (e.g. behavior, simultaneous EEG-fMRI and eye-tracking data). For further information see

Both post-holders will also be contributing to the design and programming of experiments, recruiting and running the participants.

Closing date: 2nd October 2020