The Clerk Maxwell Cancer Research Fund is pleased to invite applications for small to medium research project grants.

In recognition of James Clerk Maxwell’s theories and in keeping with the remit of the Fund, awards will focus on projects involving cancer and electromagnetism, although the latter may be interpreted broadly.

Applications for funding support in the range of £10,000-£80,000 will be considered from researchers based in Scottish Universities. Project duration of 1-3 years (maximum) is envisaged and applications to be received by 30th August 2024 please.

SINAPSE is pleased to be administering the call on behalf of the Clerk Maxwell Cancer Research Fund.

Deadline for applications – 30th August 2024

The application form is available to download here: CMCRF Application Form

Criteria for selection include:

  1. Evidence of the project’s contribution to cancer research involving electromagnetism that is internationally competitive and improving Scotland’s reputation and standing in the world;
  2. Potential for wider benefits to Scottish cancer research as a result of the project; and
  3. Potential for significant impact on health in Scotland as a result of the project.

The aim of the award is to generate as much impact and awareness of James Clerk Maxwell and his contribution to electromagnetism and its potential in Cancer research.