SINAPSE Image of the Month: OCT retinal layers

Courtesy of Dr James Cameron, this animated image demonstrates optical coherence tomography (OCT) cross-sectional imaging of the retina which enables 3D reconstruction, with 4 micron axial resolution, and reliable automated …more

Congratulations to Adriana Tavares

Dr Adriana Tavares was one of the first ever SINAPSE students and is now Head of Preclinical PET/CT at Edinburgh Preclinical Imaging. She has been awarded a British Heart Foundation …more

New website for Scottish Ultrasound Group

The Scottish Ultrasound Group now has a website at Ultrasound news and events of interest to SINAPSE members can also be found within the Member Area (log-in required).

SINAPSE 2015 Annual Report

An annual report summarising activities and achievements from the first year of the current funding period of SINAPSE can be downloaded here.

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